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Hi there iam here from Nepal. interested for the au pair .


I´m from Nepal and I would like to go to Canada , Germany or Denmark as an au pair. 

I love children and I always give my best. I´m currently taking care of two kids, 4 and 9. I help them with their homework, I bathe and feed them.

I would like to know if I could find a host family if I am from Canada . If this is possible, how  should I apply for?

I hope you can help me. 

Thank you!

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Dear Prem,

I'm not sure I fully understand your question...

I checked your profile and saw that your status is still set to "I'm only informing myself". If you want to search for a family in Canada, Germay or Denmark, you have to set your status to "I'm searching for a host family" and add these three countries as whished host countries (in Then you can find matching families in the matching ( and contact them via our messaging system.

In your profile you say you're from Nepal and you're currently living in Nepal - so I guess you're not from Canada, but you rather want to go to Canada? So if you're looking for information about how to get to Canada, check out the country information about Canada:

Hope this answers your question?

Best regards,
Maria from the cAP team

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